Long Shallow U LP | Wig For Women Cancer / Alopecia Patients


  • Papillon Synthetic Natural Looking Wig for Women with breathable material & good ventilation. Long Hair Length, Straight Long U Hair Wig Style. This Artificial Ladies Wig is very lightweight and comfortable. Heat Friendly and Washable Hair Wig with Bangs. It’s Left Parting Durable Ladies Wigs.
  • Features – The Wig Cap is anti-microbial and patient-friendly and is ideal to be used even by Cancer / Chemo Patients, and Alopecia Patients on a daily basis. This Full Head Wig is free size and adjustable fitting. Ideal for all head sizes. Adjust the elastic bands to get a better fitting of the wig.
  • Length & Color – Papillon Long Shallow U Artificial Hair for Women Wig Style is available in 24+ inches length . Synthetic Fibers on this wig are of Dark Brown shade which is very close to the Natural Human Hair. Which closely matches with the hair shade of the majority of the Indian population.
  • Papillon Hair Wigs just fits right and it’s hard to recognize that you are wearing a one. It simply blends well with your overall look . It’s an ideal choice to wear at a party, office, or wherever you feel like it. It is also used by Alopecia patients as Synthetic hair fibres are heat friendly.
  • Papillon Hair World offers a huge range of Hair Loss and Hair Restoration Solutions. FDA Approved Hair Care Kits to Customized Surgical / Non-surgical Hair Solutions. With a rich experience of 30+ years in the Hair Industry, Papillon is the perfect blend of scientific care and aesthetic expertise.
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The Long Shallow U haircut is the longest wig style in our range. This synthetic wig style comes in three fixed parting options (Right / Left / Centre) so make sure you have selected the parting position that suits you the best (keeping in mind your original parting). This length gives you maximum possible options in terms of styling however the synthetic fibres do not give you much freedom in terms of hair cutting! Indian plaits are easily doable with our long shallow U haircut. We recommend that you refer to our video guide to view the various styling options for this wig. This Synthetic Wig for Women – having long length style is very Natural Looking and the perfect wig for women and girls looking for regular use.

This Free Size Wig has adjustment given inside the wig. In case you feel the wig is not fitting well we give wig fitting clips that you can fix from inside the wig to tighten the wig fitting. We have used Heat Friendly, Natural Dark Brown Japanese Synthetic Fibers which gives a very Natural Fall and Look to this wig style. If you are looking for a wig for cancer patients, chemo patients or alopecia patients, this light weight wig can be used for an entire day. If you are looking for a fashion wig for use only on certain occasions this wig can be ideal as it has extremely low maintenance required.

Please note – do not try to change style or texture on this wig as it is made from high quality synthetic fibers. If you are looking for wigs that can be restyled or cut, then look for our Human Hair Wig options which are meant for that. You will not require any wig tapes, wig glue, hair patch tapes or other such adhesives for fixing this wig.

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    Long Shallow U LP | Wig For Women Cancer / Alopecia Patients