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    If you are looking to add volume and length to your natural hair, especially at the back side of your scalp then the 100% ‘Human Hair Extensions’ at Papillon Hair World are the way to go. We also provide Hair Extensions to some of the top most Make-Up Artists and Hair Stylists in India. In case you have Hair Thinning in the crown are and are suffering from Female Pattern Baldness, then Hair Replacement Systems for women is the right product for you. Hair Extensions are usually detachable at will and Permanent Hair Extensions are usually not very suitable for the Indian audience.

    However, the Human Hair extensions that Papillon provides are just like your own human hair and blend very well with your natural hair. These extensions can be styled, cut and colored just like your own hair and are also more durable than the synthetic ones. These hair extensions are fixed using various methods like clipping, gluing, taping or clamping depending on the lifestyle of the client. If you are looking for just occasional use of Hair Extensions then Synthetic Extensions are the right choice for you. We generally provide Synthetic Extensions in 3 to 4 color options and the most common type of Synthetic Extensions are the multi piece clip on Hair Extensions.

    The hair extensions that are available without any attachment are called machine wefts or Hair Bundles and are not a very common product in India. Hair Bundles or Hair Weaves are a product that is fixed to the hair in a permanent or semi permanent way and is more common in the African countries. To know more about Hair Bundles you can go to this page.

    You can go through the FAQs section on this page to get detailed information about Hair Extensions.

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    Papillon was founded in 1988 by Dr. Vinay Koparkar and has grown to be a leading name in the Hair Industry since. Now the 2nd Generation, Mr. Aniket and Ms. Kavita, look after the Business operations and further expansions of the company. Read through to know more about them.

    Dr. Vinayak Koparkar

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    “My experience with Papillon is great. Wig quality is very nice. Noone could recognise that I am wearing a wig. Staff is very friendly & nice.”

    Neeta Kulkarni

    “ Good experience. People are Polite. Service is good. Very supportive. Compound is clean. Service from Akash is very good. He has mastered the skill..”

    Swarup Moharana

    “ My experience with Papillon is great. Wig quality is very nice. Noone could recognise that I am wearing a wig. Staff is very friendly & nice.”

    Mr. Joshi


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Synthetic hair extensions are ready for use. They cannot be cut, washed. Forcible washing of the synthetic hair extensions may produce permanent tangles on it. Hence it advisable to use it properly. The life of synthetic hair extensions is also very short as compared to human hair extensions.

    Synthetic hair extensions cannot be washed and should be kept away from the water. So you can’t swim with it, as there is fear of forming permanent tangling of it.

    Human hair can be washed with normal water. So you can swim with hair extensions with due precautions, but you may not. Swimming with these hair extensions may damage the product sooner.

    Hair extensions’s weight mainly depends on the nature of hair use, length and volume of the hairs. Human hair extensions minimum required to change the look is around 75 to 100 gms. That weight is not going to put any extra weightage. The clip which is an attachment point, being new, puts a feeling of pressure. Normally if someone uses an extension for 3 to 4 hours, do not feel heavy. Longer hours of use or more than 250gm of hair extensions may feel so, though. Synthetic hair extensions are usually heavier than the human hair extensions and in comparison, definitely feel heavy.

    Human hair extensions are be used well just to ensure the optimum life. Overwashing and underwashing of it is going to hamper life. Regular washing with shampoo and conditioner, once in 3 to 4 weeks is recommended. Frequent use of harsh chemicals, highlighting, perming, rebonding is not recommended. On heavy outdoor use of hair extensions, if the shade gets faded you can color it once in 4 or 5 months.

    The hair extension will cost from Rs.2,500/- till Rs.20,000/- depending on the quality, nature, length and the volume or weight of the hair extensions you are choosing.

    If you have short hair, then micro ring hair extensions are the best option for you. Clip on hair extensions are good for those who have at least some length for positioning of the clips. If you have sufficient length to place the clip on hair extensions then it will solve the problem.

    Also, the hair extensions are aimed at length, if you have short hairs and poor density on the crown, then, you will need a hair replacement system in such a case. Hair extensions are to increase your hair length, but for hair replacement will not only give you length, but will cover the entire crown region if the density of that region is demanding.

    No. Clip on hair extensions are attached to your hair. It is recommended that you can choose the hair extensions as long as you want in a day, but it is to be removed once your occasion / function is over or the purpose is solved. If you are going to use hair extensions daily / regularly, then it is advisable to change the position of the clips by half an inch every 2-3 months. So that there would be no additional weight put on the same hairs. If you follow this practice there would be no damage possible to your existing hairs.

    Hair extensions are of two types.

    • Clip on hair extensions
    • Micro ring hair extensions

    Clip on hair extensions are very easy to apply. Clips are regular tip top clip or press clip. They get firmly attached to your hair. There are usually sets of hair extensions. One set may have 2 or three clips. You can either place all sets in one single horizontal line just below the vertex. Or you can place sets of your hair extensions in a vertical position just below one another, starting from the area where you are comfortable. You can also place 2 sets on the temples and one or two sets for length from the nape of the neck. It depends on where you are aiming for a length.

    Micro ring hair extensions are attached to the base of hair on the scalp. Usually it is applied to the hair, 1 inch above the scalp. It requires a professional hand to get it done perfectly. As the hairs grow, the hair extensions drip down. Then after around 60-90 days again you have to fix these by placing it at the right place.

    Hair extensions are very useful to get a desired hair length. They are easy to apply to your existing hair and you will get instant change in your look. Extensions are occasional products or a festive product, whenever you want to look good you can go for extensions. Human hair extensions can be used daily as they are more comfortable, more natural in terms of merging in your existing hairs. Synthetic and human hair extensions are available in different textures like, wavy, curly or straight. It is important to get the hair extensions styled properly to merge well in your existing hairs. You can do this on your own, or your beautician can help you by doing it professionally.

    Types of hair extensions :

    1. Based on Material :
    • Synthetic hair extensions.
    • Human hair extensions.
    1. Based on type of attachment methods.
    • Clip on hair extensions
    • Micro ring hair extensions.

    Hair Extensions should be worn by those who have thin / short hair at the back of their scalp. Often clients get confused and feel that Hair Extensions are meant for the hair thinning on the crown area. But it is totally wrong. For thinning on crown area, one has to use a hair system or a hair patch and for hair thinning on the back side of the scalp, one must wear Hair Extensions. Since there is very limited hand knotted work done in Hair Extensions, it is usually much cheaper compared to hand made Hair Replacement Systems, Hair Patches or Hair Wigs.

    The short answer is that Human Hair and Synthetic Hair extensions vary on these main counts – degree of customization you can do, durability, look and feel and lastly hygiene. Human Hair Extensions can offer a very high degree of customization are more durable, feel just like your own hair and can be washed just like our own hair thus making them very hygienic. However what Synthetic Extensions lack on these fronts, they make up for it in the cost savings! Synthetic Hair Extensions cost almost 1/5th that of Human Hair Extensions and thus are preferred by many when the usage is going to be minimal.

    Permanent hair extensions are those, which need to be attached to our natural hair, near to the scalp permanently by a medical grade glue and can be removed only by a professional hair stylist. However, our hair grows at a rate of ~1cm per month and these extensions move further away from the scalp, so these need to be re-attached by a specialist hair stylist after every 2 months or so. Hence even the so-called permanent hair extensions are only ‘semi-permanent’ in the real sense.

    At Papillon Hair World, we usually prefer to use clip on method of fixing hair extensions as these work the best in Indian climate.

    The hair used in Papillon’s ‘Human Hair Extensions’ is collected from a single donor, from top to the tip of the hair and usually is sourced from the temple hair. There are many sources of Human Hair such as Hair from Parlors, Comb hair, and Temple hair and then there are fakes such as synthetic fibers or animal fibers. We usually use the virgin / remy temple hair source as this hair is the most tangle free, can be customized for natural look, colour and various styling possibilities. For a normal person it is very difficult to judge the source of the hair, but do not hesitate in asking the supplier for a detailed explanation!

    Hair Bundles are nothing but one earlier stage of Hair Extensions. When we manufacture Hair Extensions, first we have to source and process Bulk Hair. Then this Bulk Hair is bundled based on their length, texture, quality, color etc. After this sorting and processing we stitch this bulk hair together and produce what is called a Hair Bundles / Weave Hair or also called as a Machine Weft. And lastly from these Machine Wefts / Weave Hair / Hair Bundles we manufacture Hair Extensions but cutting and processing it further and adding the fixing accessories such as clips, glue rings, tapes etc.

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      Our Services

      Hair Restoration Solutions:

      We provide Hair Fall Control, Dandruff Control, Grey Hair Control and a lot of other Hair Care and preventive Hair treatments. Our treatments are a combination of modern medicine and our own FDA approved hair products, thus giving unique and unparalleled results to our patients.

      Papillon Hair World’s (PHW) Hair Transplant is a surgical method in which individual Hair Follicles are moved from one part of the body to bald/balding patch on the scalp. This procedure is mainly suited for clients having early stage baldness or who wish to cover a relatively smaller area of hair thinning.

      This procedure at Papillon Hair World (PHW) is meant for Male and Female clients suffering from partial baldness due to genetic reasons or due to any other problems. Papillon Hair Replacement Systems are customized for thinning size, density, color, texture and choice of style to give the most undetectable look.

      Papillon Hair World (PHW) provides 100% Human Hair, Medical grade ladies wigs for Alopecia or Chemotherapy patients suffering from total baldness. We customize the wigs for head size, color, texture, length and style so that it looks extremely natural.

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      Human Hair Extensions Vs Synthetic Hair Extensions

      Human hair extensions look more natural than synthetic one. It can also be cut, styled as per your choice, synthetic hair extensions on the other hand cannot be cut and styled as they are ready for the use. Human hair extensions can be washed just like your own hairs with water, shampoo etc., synthetic hair extensions cannot. The life of human hair extension is more than the synthetic hair extensions by almost two folds. In comparison human hair extensions are lighter than synthetic ones.

      If you are looking for hair extensions for the long term use, then ideally you will need human hair. Synthetic hair extensions are festive products so it is for the occasional or temporary use.

      Hair extensions Vs Hair Replacement System for Women

      Hair extensions are usually recommended for good length. It gets attached to your existing hair through clips. If you are looking for good density at the crown region as well as good length, then you mostly will require a female replacement system which is a  customized solution aimed for density and length. Many people do require a hair replacement system but end up searching for hair extensions only as they don’t know what is ideal for them. We provide you a best solution as per your need.

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