Smart U Variable Parting Elite | Real Wig for Women Cancer / Alopecia Patients


100% Human Hair Wig for Women with Breathable Material with Good ventilation. Medium Length Wig Style, Natural Straight Dark Brown Real Human Hair for Daily use

This Original Hair Wig is very Lightweight and comfortable. Washable, Re stylable and can Cut or Color. It has a Variable and Natural Looking Parting, Durable Ladies Wig.

The Wig Cap is very Hygienic and patient friendly and is ideal to be used even by Cancer / Chemo Patients, and Alopecia Patients for long term regular use.

This Smart U Wig Style is below shoulder length and one can easily tie a ponytail. Color of Human Hair is Natural Dark Brown on this hair wig.

This Full Head Ladies Wig is free size and has adjustable fitting. Ideal for all head sizes. Adjust the elastic bands to get a better fitting of the wig.

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The Smart U is essentially a graduated medium length haircut with shorter front. The Mono Top wig cap design allows you to part this wig in any direction and gives you multiple styling options using the same wig. The machine made back of this wig allows for good ventilation on the back side of the wig. Partially tied hairstyles are difficult with wigs, because these styles expose the hairline and sidelocks. However, the shorter front in this style enables a few strands to fall along the face and gives a very soft and natural look. Since it is a Smart U, layered haircut it allows easy styles such as Pony Tails, Partial Pin Ups and Clip Ups. This 100% Human Hair Wig / Real Hair Wig – has a below shoulder length style and is extremely Natural Looking and the perfect wig for women looking for a daily use or for working women. The Human Hair used is Remy Indian Hair and is of the finest quality. This Free Size Wig has adjustment given inside the wig. In case you feel the wig is not fitting well we give wig fitting clips that you can fix from inside the wig to tighten the wig fitting. We have used the highest quality Hair from south indian temples on this wig. It has a glueless cap and so you do not need any wig clips, wig tapes, or any other fitting material to fix this ladies wig. This Medical Grade cost effective wig is ideal for cancer patients, chemo patients or alopecia patients, as this light weight wig can be used for an entire day and can be washed regularly. However we advise you to take some professional help if you want to customize this wig further. Since this wig is 100% made from Human Hair only, it is expensive compared to synthetic wigs. However the price is extremely cheap compared to what you might have to pay in high end hair studios or parlors for a similar quality human hair wig. The variable parting wig design has a transparent top look and thus when you part the wig the wig has a very natural look from the top and also from the front side.

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    Dimensions 9 × 6 × 3 cm


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    Smart U - Variable Parting
    Smart U Variable Parting Elite | Real Wig for Women Cancer / Alopecia Patients