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    Best Quality Wigs for Women – Delivered at Home


    At Papillon Hair World, we provide 100% Human Hair OR Pre Styled Synthetic Wigs for patients suffering from total baldness (Alopecia or Hair Loss due to Chemotherapy). You can check out our entire range of wig styles for women and even buy them online here. If you have partial baldness only in certain parts of your head – you should look at our Hair Replacement Systems as an option. Papillon Ladies Wigs for total baldness are made from medical grade materials and customize them for head size, hair texture, hair color, hair style, length and much more, as per the requirement of the client. Our aim is to give them an undetectable natural look and to go as close as possible to their original hair style.

    Most wig shops are run by traders who have no knowledge about Hair Styling, Customization or the requirements of Medical Grade Wigs. At Papillon, we provide you plenty of options for human hair wigs for cancer patients or for alopecia patients made from Indian Remy Hair or Medical Grade Synthetic Fibers Wigs, thus making them look very close to the hair that the patient had naturally.

    Our ladies hair wigs for cancer / alopecia patients are very convenient to use – you just need to tie and untie the adjustable belts on the inner side of the hair wig to make it more comfortable. These medical grade ladies wigs are breathable, light weight, comfortable, versatile, and easy to maintain and can be used daily. This makes them the best wigs for chemo patients or the best wigs for alopecia patients. Get in touch with our Hair Experts now to get personal guidance about the wig buying process.


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    Papillon was founded in 1988 by Dr. Vinay Koparkar and has grown to be a leading name in the Hair Industry since. Now the 2nd Generation, Mr. Aniket and Ms. Kavita, look after the Business operations and further expansions of the company. Read through to know more about them.

    Dr. Vinayak Koparkar

    Chairman & Chief Mentor

    Aniket Koparkar

    CEO & Chief Strategist

    Kavita Koparkar

    Technical Director & Creative Head


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    No. The wig is an external thing. The hairs are knotted on the base material of the wig in the factory. Every wig has a life. It usually lasts for around 12 to 15 months on daily use for 8-9 hours. If you are going to use a wig whenever you want to meet people and when you want to be socially interactive, then it may last more than 18 months too depending on your use.

    Wearing a wig is a very easy thing. The wig has a specific way to place onto your head and there are elastic attachments in the back to adjust how tight you want to have it. If required, we can provide you a two way or a double sided tape to attach the wig to your head, just to make sure even in case of heavy physical activity, the wig would not slip from the scalp. We can always share the way the wig can be placed on your head through online video or at our store once you decide to go ahead.

    Ladies Wigs are absolutely safe. We are going to give you a wig which is to be worn externally, just like a cap. Nothing goes inside your head while doing so. Hence our wigs are safe. It is also very easy to wear and remove, whenever you want, hence they are self reliant too. All physical activities can be done while wearing a wig like walking, jogging, bike riding etc. Wigs also don’t interfere with the underneath scalp or hair growth too.

     We provide human hair wigs as well as synthetic hair wigs.

    • Human hair wigs : Starts from Rs.20,000 to Rs.40,000/-
    • Synthetic hair wigs : Starts from Rs.5,000/- to Rs.20,000/-

    [Note : Prices are subject to change as per the market/ raw material/ WIP products/ demand and supply / logistics.]

    We, at Papillon provide you best in class wigs at affordable prices. You can choose any of the following ways for buying a wig.

    1. The wig can be bought directly from our website.
    2. You can contact us over a call and get in touch with our executives for all kinds of assistance you need to buy a wig.
    3. You can come to our studio to have a look and can experience the way a wig looks and then can buy.

    Yes. If you are looking for a wig for a cancer patient – please look at more information on this on this page. The wigs that we provide cancer patients are medical grade wigs which are fully breathable. It is very important that there are no side effects of such wigs and so the material of the wig, the quality of human hair on the wig as well as the making quality is very different when any cancer patient is going to wear a wig. Do look at our dedicated page for wigs for cancer patients for more useful information for them.

    Yes, absolutely! A lot of our ladies and gents clients who suffer from total or close to total baldness (Alopecia Aereata / Alopecia Totallis etc) go for our Medical Grade Wigs. When on is going to use a wig for a long time, it is extremely important that we use the best quality material for making the wig so that there is no risk of infection / rash etc. Do visit one of our brances in Pune at Navipeth / Baner to see our wigs in Person or get in touch with you so that we can assist you in the online buying process.

    Certainly yes! In case you OR the patient who is going to wear the wig is not staying in Pune, please get in touch with our team by calling us or by filling the inquiry form on this page. Someone from our side will get in touch with you and will assist you in the online buying process. We will be sending you a brochure of the pre designed hair styles – one you select a wig type and a style, we confirm your order and send you a tutorial video on ‘How to Measure your Head Size for a Wig. Once we have all the required details, we prepare and send you the customized wig at your doorstep. However, if someone is staying near Pune or is able to come down to our store, we can give you much more style options and customization than just the pre designed styles.

    Ladies Wig as a product is supposed to be used by those who have total or close to total baldness. A wig covers your entire scalp and so, there is no question of merging your existing hair with the hair on the wig. However, a Hair Patch or a Hair Replacement System for women is a product which is meant for those who are suffering from partial baldness or hair thinning in the crown area. In this, we customize a Hair Patch / Hair System only for your bald and thin area and we match the Hair Texture, Hair Color and Style of your original hair to the hair on this system. This process is much more sophisticated and requires much more skill because unless we merge the hair on the patch with your original hair perfectly, this will not look natural.

    Glad you asked! You will hear a lot of traders and online shops saying that they sell 100% Human Hair Wigs. However, did you know – there are almost 6 to 7 different grades of quality even within Human Hair. There is hair that is collected from Parlors, from Combs and even fallen hair is collected from villages and slums in order to make wigs. There are also instances when animal fibers and synthetic hair fibers are mixed with human hair to make them cheap. We used 100% Human Hair in our wigs, which is sourced from the temples in South India. This is one of the most pure sources of Human Hair and also one of the costliest but for a reason. The other most important part in wig making is the base material. Even if you use the highest grade of hair in a cheap quality base material, the wigs don’t look and feel good. It is important to look at the knotting quality and comfort as well while buying wigs. The higher the amount of hand knotted work, the higher the price and comfort. We have wigs that range from hand knotting work done only in the crown area to fully hand woven wigs! Thus, the Papillon Wigs – look the best, feel the best and are also among the most durable ones.

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    Notice Hair Loss?
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      Customization in the Wigs

      We at Papillon Hair World provide you all kinds of customization needed to match as much as possible to your existing hairs. Customization is of two kinds. Custom order similar to your hair nature at factory level. And customization at store level,  that is hairstyle, haircut, hair thinning required on the day when the wig is going to be fixed on your head.

      • Customization at factory level : We have the expertise to provide any texture like, straight, wavy, curly or of any color shade such as natural dark brown, medium brown, blond, black etc. Each and every order is our custom order. Each and every wig is specifically ordered according to the size of your head.
      • Customization at store / studio level : The best quality wigs need to be styled in a best way to look natural. The hairstyle at the store includes a layered cut or U / V cut. You can do normal pony or Indian Bread to the wig if you want.

      Percentage of Natural Look Achievable in Wigs

      The wig is going to cover the entire scalp. So the natural hairs [if any] are hidden under it. Usually after doing best possible customization too, the practical achievable percentage compared to your existing look will be about 75-80 %. Meaning 7 /8 people out of 10 will not make it out that it’s a wig, but there are around 20 – 25% people who will still be aware that you have worn a wig. We always set realistic expectations, which we are committed to fulfill.

      Our Services

      Other Hair Restoration Solutions at Papillon:

      We provide Hair Fall Control, Dandruff Control, Grey Hair Control and a lot of other Hair Care and preventive Hair treatments. Our treatments are a combination of modern medicine and our own FDA approved hair products, thus giving unique and unparalleled results to our patients.

      Papillon Hair World’s (PHW) Hair Transplant is a surgical method in which individual Hair Follicles are moved from one part of the body to bald/balding patch on the scalp. This procedure is mainly suited for clients having early stage baldness or who wish to cover a relatively smaller area of hair thinning.

      This procedure at Papillon Hair World (PHW) is meant for Male and Female clients suffering from partial baldness due to genetic reasons or due to any other problems. Papillon Hair Replacement Systems are customized for thinning size, density, color, texture and choice of style to give the most undetectable look.

      Papillon Hair World (PHW) provides 100% Human Hair, Medical grade ladies wigs for Alopecia or Chemotherapy patients suffering from total baldness. We customize the wigs for head size, color, texture, length and style so that it looks extremely natural.

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      Papillon Hair World: Baner BranchShop no. 2, Regent Plaza,Baner-Pashan Link Rd,Near Mahabaleshwar Hotel, Baner, Pune