Non Surgical Cost of Hair Replacement in Papillon Pune


You have done your research and have decided to go ahead with a non-surgical option for your hair loss issue! But then, you started looking online for finding the best service providers for hair replacement and realized that the costs in non-surgical hair replacement vary a lot! 

Don’t worry, this article will make you understand the nuances of the things that go into deciding the cost of hair replacement systems! Don’t get fooled by the centers and websites offering cheap products as it might ultimately lead to a very ugly looking style, a very less durable system, and worst-case might also lead to having some infections. 

The hair replacement system is ultimately a cosmetic product. And as one would expect, the cost of any beauty product differs a lot as per the quality, brand credibility, hassle-free usage, and most important in this case, the appearance of it.

These are the most important factors that determine the cost of a Hair Replacement System:

  1. The base material of the hair replacement system
  2. Quality of hair used in the process of making a hair replacement system
  3. Hair Knotting method  
  4. Attachment type of Hair replacement system and its maintenance
  5. Experience of the center who is going to style the hair system 
  6. The density of the hair offered in a hair replacement system.
  7. Customization offered in the Hair Replacement Systems
  8. Ventilation through the Hair Replacement System

However, just buying a Hair System or a Hair Patch is not enough. One has to think of the entire cost of a Non-Surgical Hair Replacement procedure and these factors affect the same:

  1. The actual cost of the system being used
  2. Transport from the manufacturing unit to the location of an actual center. For eg for a highly customized system, the transport cost will be much higher than for a patch which can be ordered in 100s of units together. 
  3. Government taxation as per the norms of beauty products  [eg 18% GST ].
  4. Attachment/Fixing/Styling session charges of a hairdresser.
  5. Attachment/Hair Replacement fixing type. i.e. Clip, Tape, Bonding/ Glue.
  6. Maintenance sessions included in the package

At Papillon Hair World, the Hair Replacement Systems cost between Rs. 20,000/- and go up to ~Rs. 1.5 Lakh. To keep it short, the cost of a non-surgical hair replacement procedure will depend on the look and comfort you are getting – better the look, higher the price! Better the comfort, the higher the price! However since Hair is one of the most crucial parts of your personality in today’s world, one bad investment (even if cost-effective) might have a very negative impact on your social image!