Kavita Koparkar – The Styling Expertise at Papillon


Technical Director & Creative Head Kavita Koparkar, a brand by herself in the field of beauty and hair, is Papillon Hair World’s technical director & creative head. Papillon’s wigs have been designed based on her expertise in hair styling, coloring and care and her experience with thousands of Indian women of all age groups as a beauty and hair expert. The turning point in her life was at 17 when she attended the basic training course in makeup by Vikram Gaikwad the leading makeup designer of Hindi film industry. It was then she knew that she wanted to be in the beauty industry for life. Determined to establish herself in the field, she chose the path less traveled and did a course at Hollywood’s Cinema Makeup School in Los Angeles. Being the first Indian to receive training at this internationally renowned school was just another feather in her cap. Kavita has done both commercial work for ads, music videos, films, photoshoots and fashion shows and set up her own makeup studio for bridal makeup. But she realized her creative appetite and business aptitude were better utilized as an independent entrepreneur than as a member of a commercial crew. So she focused her energies on establishing herself as an expert in bridal makeup. The story of building her expertise in beauty did not just end with her technical training in makeup. As a makeup artist she felt she needed to also know about hair too, specifically, hair styling, treatments and cutting. She believed in getting trained from the best so she initially got trained from Dr. Vinay Koparkar, her father and the man behind the 28 plus year old Papillon Salon brand. She then went ahead and did another international course in hairdressing, cutting and styling from Toni &Guy, Singapore. Armed with her expertise and experience, Kavita has set up the Kavita Koparkar Studio, a one-of-its kind concept studio for bridal makeup and hair. She now also offers courses and workshops in beauty at the Kavita Koparkar Academy. Kavita has been closely involved in the designing of Papillon’s wigs. She has her fingers on the pulse of the hairstyles, color, cuts, length and texture that Indian women have. This has been translated with her technical knowledge into wigs that would suit the Indian look. As she says her vision for Papillon Hair World is, “We want to ensure that our expertise reaches a national base through our website so that when people shop for wigs from their home they do so happily without being depressed or anxious. And they won’t be disappointed when they open the package that comes home and they see the wig they have bought.” The Co-Founder and CEO of Papillon Hair World Aniket Koparkar brings the business expertise that makes this vision a reality.