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The male pattern baldness or male pattern thinning is medically termed as Androgenetic Alopecia. The word Andro meaning due to male hormones, genetic meaning due to family history and the word alopecia meaning hair loss. So in short the male pattern of baldness is due to hormonal imbalance and due to the history of baldness in the family. Both the causative factors are equally important and often both are present in a strong way. 

The hormone which is responsible for baldness is known as Testosterone. It is the male hormone. When a boy is at puberty, meaning changing from a boy to a man, the male hormone begins to show its influence through primary and secondary sexual characteristics, like beard and mustaches begin to appear, the voice gets husky and hoarse, etc. From that time, a person can face male pattern baldness till the time the hormone continues to secrete, that is nothing but lifelong. So age is not a factor to measure baldness. A person can become bald from the age of 14 till 60. Usually, the triggering factors are important to notice. These are the lifestyle milestones from the point onwards the baldness is really triggered. The beginning of professional studies, clubbing studies of two degrees at a time. For example B Com and CA, PG and MBA etc. Triggering factor can be anything, other triggering factors are:

  1. Physical Stress: Less sleep, busy daily occupancy/ liabilities of work, travelling frequently on the bike, Car, Plane also becomes physical stress. 
  2. Mental Stress: Emotional, Psychological, Social burden we get from family, friends, career goals, Jobs, Expectations within all contribute to this.
  3. Poor Hygienic Conditions: Washing head once a week/fortnight is really a bad habit which can trigger a hair fall and hair loss if not corrected at the proper time. 
  4. Wrong Dietary Habits: Frequent outside eateries will bring many unnoticed complaints. Poor nutritional and hygiene levels of the food can trigger an early hair loss.
  5. Hard Water: Water used for a head wash is a major factor in minimizing a hair holding capacity which can lead to hair fall and eventually to a hair loss. 

Maturity of baldness is another factor which depends upon how strong the causative factors are in action and would decide the time in hand to save the existing hair. It is the time span from the beginning of male pattern baldness till the complete baldness. Maturity of baldness may be from just 2 or 3 years or it can be 10 to 15 years. Meaning a person can become completely bald in 4 or 5 years or he can gradually approaching to complete baldness in 12 to 15 years too. Nothing can be expected. It is the statistics of the duration/lifespan of baldness in a particular individual, which can vary from person to person. 

Okay, you have Male Pattern Baldness… Now What? 

The treatment part is extremely important as well which chiefly depends on the current stage of a person’s baldness, broad level expectations from treatment, Treatment advice from an expert, i.e from a Trichologist/ Dermatologist. Male pattern baldness has broadly 3 types of solutions.

  1. Preventive Line of Treatment.
  2. Surgical Treatment: Hair Transplant.
  3. Non-surgical hair treatment: Hair Replacement Systems/ Hair Patch.

Preventive Line of Treatment:

The preventive line of treatment will include internal and external medication under the guidance of a trichologist/ dermatologist. Though it will only help to restore the present hair conditions for a longer time. It will postpone baldness by medications, but no new hair growth is possible through medications. 

Surgical Treatment:

Surgical solutions meaning a hair transplant. In the Hair transplant procedure the hair roots from the back and sides of the head of a bald person, are surgically removed under the anesthesia and transplanted in the frontal or middle of the scalp area. The procedure usually takes 7 to 8 hours of a day. The transplanted hair automatically grows from the 3rd month until the 10th month. 

Non-Surgical Treatment:

Non-surgical hair solutions are hair replacement systems. Layman knows it as Wig. They are made according to the size of the bald area and fixed on the same though skin-friendly sticking products like tape or glue. There are no lifestyle restrictions after using it, you can wash, shampoo, and comb this hair system as we normally do with our own hair.