Aniket Koparkar: The Business Expertise


CEO & Chief Strategist Aniket Koparkar and his career trajectory has taken many paths, all of which have led to becoming the Co-Founder and CEO of Papillon Hair World. His career began as a sportsperson playing professionally for almost 13 years for the Indian national table tennis team. Having given all he could to the sport, Aniket Koparkar quit at the young age of 23 years to set up Papillon Hair World. To make a success of it, Aniket decided to build his business expertise and did his MBA from the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad– one of the premier business schools in the world. After his MBA, Aniket worked with the Investment Banking Team of Deutsche Bank in Mumbai and then for a year in Frankfurt, Germany to get some work experience before starting his own venture. Aniket’s role in Papillon Hair World as the Co-Founder and CEO covers “pretty much everything on the non-technical side of the business” as he describes it. Even though it is a generational takeover of a family business, Dr. Vinay Koparkar (along with our styling expert Kavita Koparkar) has offered only his scientific and technical expertise to the designing of Papillon Hair World products. When it comes to running the business, he has passed on the baton to Aniket who solely looks after the growth and expansion strategies of the business. His MBA training brings a new perspective to the running of the family business, and he has been instrumental in moulding and implementing the vision and strategy for Papillon Hair World. On being asked about his vision for Papillon Hair World, he says he wants it to become a household name such that whenever people talk about customized hair loss solutions in India, they talk about Papillon Hair World. He says, “We are one of the very few centers out there who provide the full range of Hair Loss Solutions – Preventive, Surgical and Non-Surgical hair replacement. This itself differentiates us from 99% of the people out there. The hair loss solutions market is saturated but still is extremely short of qualified and highly trained professionals. Most of the businesses are being run by traders having no experience or knowledge about the service part of this business, which is almost equally important if not more than the products that we use”. His vision is to make Papillon Hair World a leading name in the Hair Loss Solutions market in India and to make quality hair loss solutions available all across Maharashtra first and then across India.