7 Things That Set Papillon Hair World Wigs Apart

Papillon as brand has a tradition of bringing something different to the market in whatever we do. Our Papillon Hair World wigs are no different. There are 7 key things about our wigs that make them different from wigs available in the market today.

1.Best-in-Class Material

Be it human hair wigs or synthetic hair wigs, our wigs are made from material that is the best-in-class. Our international quality material is superior to any material that is currently available in the market.

2. Handmade Parting

Having a parting in our hair is a traditional habit of every Indian, especially women. We love to have a parting and we will always have one in our hair Most of the wigs available locally are highly unsatisfactory when it comes to their parting.

We at Papillon Hair World have kept this preference in mind in making our wigs. All our wigs are hand-tied at the parting which makes the parting look very natural. This makes them different from machine-made wigs which have an unnatural look at the parting and in the front and top.

3. Durability

The best-in-class material of our wigs makes them highly durable. Cancer patients who lose their hair from chemo need to wear wigs for about 6 months. All our wigs, even synthetic ones, will last for that long.

4. Ventilation

Your scalp tends to become sensitive during chemo due to the hair loss. Our wigs have been designed to ensure comfort, especially in our typically hot weather. All our wigs are breathable in nature and they protect you from rashes or infections that can happen due to accumulation of sweat under the wig cap. Another advantage this offers is that you will not need buy any separate wigs liners to use under your wig for ventilation.

5. Pre-Styled Wigs

All our wigs, synthetic hair wigs and human hair wigs,are pre-styled for your convenience. We are also proud to let you know that pre-styled human hair wigs are being introduced in India by Papillon Hair World. And in synthetic human hair wigs, the styles have been designed keeping Indian preferences in mind in terms of length for traditional hairstyles and parting.

6. Fitting

Papillon Hair World wigs come in various size options. We do not offer standard cap sizes in wigs as this does not make the wigs comfortable. However, since the patients are going to wear these wigs for a long period of time, even our custom made wigs have adjustable elastic bands at the back of all the wigs. Plus when you visit one of our stores in Pune, our expert stylist takes the measurement of the patient and only then we proceed with the order. However worst case if the patient is not able to come down to our centre, you can watch this video to have a rough idea of the scalp measurements, which we can later fine tune. So you don’t need to worry that your wig will fall or slide off!

7. Support

We understand you may have some questions or even reservations about buying a wing online. That is why we have created a support system that will guide you through the process and also in using and taking care of them. Our in store guided process for customized wig making offers you the best support for choosing and designing the right wig! You can also read Our Blog for any information you may need about your wig.

For a more personal touch Pune can visit our Center where we have a team of highly trained stylists who can help you right from selection to wearing and maintaining your wig – even after you purchase a wig online.