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    Hair Wigs(Neutral)

    Papillon Hair World provides high quality, customized Hair wigs in Pune. This procedure is meant for Male and Female clients who are suffering from partial baldness due to genetic reasons or any other problems. Papillon Hair Wigs are customized for thinning size, density, color, texture and choice of style to give the most undetectable look.

    Non- surgical hair replacement solutions are also known by many names in the market. Hair Bonding, Chemical Bonding, Hair Restoration, Hair Weaving, Hair Patches etc are commonly used names for this procedure. However, Hair Replacement Systems / Hair Replacement Service is the right technical name of this procedure.

    There is significant variety in products available in the market especially in terms of the quality of base materials, quality of human hair used, mixtures of synthetic or animal fibers, type of knotting and scientific knowledge of the stylist. Hence, it is very important for the clients to judge their service providers based on all these parameters and much more. For better understanding, we have given a video of a Men’s Hair Replacement procedure above. We have also included a few commonly asked questions and answers so that you can get better understanding about this.

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    Client Testimonials

    “My experience with Papillon is great. Wig quality is very nice. Noone could recognise that I am wearing a wig. Staff is very friendly & nice.”

    Neeta Kulkarni

    “ Good experience. People are Polite. Service is good. Very supportive. Compound is clean. Service from Akash is very good. He has mastered the skill..”

    Swarup Moharana

    “ My experience with Papillon is great. Wig quality is very nice. Noone could recognise that I am wearing a wig. Staff is very friendly & nice.”

    Mr. Joshi


    Frequently Asked Questions

    The human hair wigs are a costly affair. To understand the reasons, we have to understand how the wigs are manufactured at a factory. The hairs are in tones of volume in the factory. The main source behind it is the hair donations. All hairs are sorted first according to their length and quality. The healthy hairs are taken to the preparation of a wig. The hairs are sorted in unprocessed or processed division. Unprocessed hairs are known as remy hairs. The processed hairs mean modified by a texture or color. There is a specific process of coloring these hairs. The hairs are then knotted on the base material by hand knotting or machine process. The labour costs added into it is the most significant. Considering the entire process, the human hair wigs are expensive.

    The remy hair wigs are the wigs are which are prepared from unprocessed hairs. The hair used in such wigs has an intact cuticle layer. The cuticle is the outermost layer of the hair which protects the hair from damage. The remy hair wigs are soft, shiny, unprocessed and high quality products indeed.

    No. Wig is an external thing. The hairs are knotted on the base material in the factory. When we comb, wash the wig or change the hairstyle, the wear and tear process is bound to happen. Hair knots are broken or loosen during the wear and tear process. Eventually the density of it gradually decreases and quality hampers, and the time arrives when the wig has to put it into a trash.

    Yes. You can wear a wig post transplant, but not immediately. It is advisable to use a wig after all the transplant wounds are recovered. It takes around a month’s time at max. Once the donor and transplanted areas properly healed, you can definitely start using a wig.

    You can get a wig in your city where a non surgical hair loss solution is treated. You can purchase the wigs from reputed hair studios online too. It is recommended to check the authenticity of the wig before purchasing. It is very difficult to identify the nature of the wigs whether its synthetic and human hair for a layman. The real hair wigs are lightweight and the texture of it is similar to our hair.

    Yes.The hair wigs are absolutely safe. The wig only has to be worn just like a cap. There are elastic adjustments to fit it to your scalp properly. You can do your daily activity freely after that. In wearing a wig, nothing goes inside to your scalp, hence it is safe to use for all.

    Human hair wigs const from Rs.24,000/- till Rs.38,000/- including all charges, taxes and 6 maintenance sessions.

    Wigs are made of cotton base material having an elastic border. It can be easily worn just like a cap and can be adjusted as per  your choice of fitting. It can be used whenever you want in a day and has to be removed before bedtime. During sleep, it can get tangled up, hence recommended to use only during waking hours.

    Hair wigs are non surgical hair loss solutions for complete baldness. Wigs are for medical grade as well as are for cosmetic use. Ideally the wigs are recommended to people who are not having hairs on the head at all due to medical causes like chemotherapy, alopecia totalis. Or to the people who have hair, but very negligible or very thin, so that cannot be presentable to the society. In both conditions wigs is the best option.

    Hair wigs cover the entire head. They are either made up of synthetic hairs or human hairs. The wigs have an elastic border along with adjustable fitting arrangements. Wigs can be easily weared and removed on their own. Human hair wigs are completely washable with normal shampoo and conditioner. Wig washing is recommended once in 3 to 4 weeks. Wig lasts for 12-15 months on daily use for around 7 to 8 hours.

    Our Services

    Hair Restoration Solutions:

    We provide Hair Fall Control, Dandruff Control, Grey Hair Control and a lot of other Hair Care and preventive Hair treatments. Our treatments are a combination of modern medicine and our own FDA approved hair products, thus giving unique and unparalleled results to our patients.

    Papillon Hair World’s (PHW) Hair Transplant is a surgical method in which individual Hair Follicles are moved from one part of the body to bald/balding patch on the scalp. This procedure is mainly suited for clients having early stage baldness or who wish to cover a relatively smaller area of hair thinning.

    This procedure at Papillon Hair World (PHW) is meant for Male and Female clients suffering from partial baldness due to genetic reasons or due to any other problems. Papillon Hair Replacement Systems are customized for thinning size, density, color, texture and choice of style to give the most undetectable look.

    Papillon Hair World (PHW) provides 100% Human Hair, Medical grade ladies wigs for Alopecia or Chemotherapy patients suffering from total baldness. We customize the wigs for head size, color, texture, length and style so that it looks extremely natural.

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    Papillon Hair World: Navipeth BranchShowroom no.1 ‘Alliance Prima’,Navipeth, Near Mhatre Bridge Pune

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    Papillon Hair World: Baner BranchShop no. 2, Regent Plaza,Baner-Pashan Link Rd,Near Mahabaleshwar Hotel, Baner, Pune

    Hair Wig Vs Hair Patch for Womens

    Hair wigs are recommended to a person who is not having a single hair on the head due to medical condition or chemotherapy treatment etc. it covers the entire head. Hair replacement systems are ideally recommended to a person who is on the verge of female pattern baldness / thinning. It is seen usually after the age of 40 when the hair density starts declining, and hair partition gradually widens. It is also the best solution to get a volume density back in no down time. Hair wigs are inferior in natural look compared to the hair replacement system. In short, hair wigs are needed for a person and hair replacement is a choice to look presentable.

    Human Hair Wigs and Synthetic Hair Wig : Pros and Cons

    Human hair wigs are lightweight, more comfortable, durable, more natural in look and last for 12 to 15 months. Synthetics wigs are value for money, good for 4 to 6 months of use. Human hair wigs can be washed with water, shampoo and conditioner just like your own hair. It can also be cut, colored and styled as per your choice. The synthetic hair wigs are ready for use. It has to be just put on your head. No customization is possible in the synthetic wigs.