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    Papillon Hair World provides high quality, customized Hair Weaving / Hair Bonding in Pune. This procedure is meant for Male and Female clients who are suffering from partial baldness due to genetic reasons or any other problems. Papillon Hair Systems / Hair Patches are customized for thinning size, density, color, texture and choice of style to give the most undetectable look.

    Hair Weaving and Hair Bonding are also known by many names in the market. Hair Replacement systems, Chemical Bonding, Hair Restoration, Hair Patches, Hair Fixing etc are comm

    Looking for best hair weaving in Pune OR how to choose the best center for hair bonding in Pune – Understand that there is significant variety in products available in the market especially in terms of the quality of human hair used. A lot of centers use mixtures of synthetic or animal fibers, parlor hair etc. For better understanding, we have given a video of a Men’s Hair Weaving / Bonding procedure below. We have also included a few commonly asked questions and answers so that you can get better understanding about this.

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    Papillon was founded in 1988 by Dr. Vinay Koparkar and has grown to be a leading name in the Hair Industry since. Now the 2nd Generation, Mr. Aniket and Ms. Kavita, look after the Business operations and further expansions of the company. Read through to know more about them.

    Dr. Vinayak Koparkar

    Chairman & Chief Mentor

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    CEO & Chief Strategist

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    Technical Director & Creative Head


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    “My experience with Papillon is great. Wig quality is very nice. Noone could recognise that I am wearing a wig. Staff is very friendly & nice.”

    Neeta Kulkarni

    “ Good experience. People are Polite. Service is good. Very supportive. Compound is clean. Service from Akash is very good. He has mastered the skill..”

    Swarup Moharana

    “ My experience with Papillon is great. Wig quality is very nice. Noone could recognise that I am wearing a wig. Staff is very friendly & nice.”

    Mr. Joshi


    Frequently Asked Questions

    No. Hair bonding lasts with good holding capacity at max till a month’s time. After a month’s time, hair bonding needs to be brought for the servicing. The glue / bond is to be replaced during a service. Also the hair cut and hair merging process is done. Hair wash, conditioning and hair coloring is also done in the service.

    [Answer written with the context of hair bonding as a method of attachment and not as a HRS.]

    Ans : Hair bonding once done usually remains for around 15- 20 days. Hair bonding’s holding capacity depends on the physical activity you are doing and what kind of environment you are using it. For example – for a person continuously in the air conditioner room, may have to do hair bonding’s servicing once in 21 to 28 days. A person who is gymming or doing an on field job like travelling etc may have to servicing of the hair bonding once in 15 days. It all depends how much you sweat and how you maintain it.

    No. The hair bonding is a process of application of bond or glue to your scalp. The area is first shaved clean. Hair bonding glue does not penetrate into your skin, it remains on the scalp itself in crystal form. The crystalised glue slowly gets rid of old as it loses its strength. For that you need to follow the regular maintenance schedule. If you do not follow the servicing, then there is a chance that glue sometimes gets mixed into the hair of the patch, though during a regular service it is going to be cleaned. Hence a proper maintenance schedule will ensure that there is no damage to your hair or to the hair on your hair patch.

    Hair bonding is one of the methods used to fix the hair replacement system. Hair bonding is done by a professional hairdresser. A chemical bond is applied on the border of the hair patch so that it holds the scalp firmly. You can do any physical activity after that. Bonding material is skin friendly glue material which can cause no harm to your skin. Hair bonding needs a maintenance service session usually once in 3 weeks.

    Hair weaving is absolutely safe as it is a non surgical method of hair loss solutions. Nothing goes inside of your scalp while doing it and hence nothing to worry about it.

    Washing of weave hairs is recommended not more frequently than once in 8 to 10 days. More frequent the washing, the more likely that you end your hairpatch’s life early. A particular technique is advisable in washing a hair weaving. Smooth and gentle care is needed, as rough washing may damage the hair knotting. Once the knots are loose, the density of your hair patch will be lessened. Hair weaving made up of human hair can be washed with normal shampoo and conditioner of your choice with a considerable amount of moisturizer and less amount of glycerin in it.
    1. [Answer written as a hair weaving in reality and the difference in hair extensions.]

    Hair extensions are either clip on hair extensions or micro ring hair extensions. In hair extensions, the pieces of hair extensions are attached to the existing hairs. The clip on hair extensions can be easily sticked and easily removed whenever we want.    The hair weave is the weaving of the existing hair into the hair replacement system first. And then if required, hair extensions are applied on that junction. Hair extension application is a very easy process which can hardly take not more than 5 to 10 minutes. Hair weaving is usually a long process which may take upto 4 or 5 hours. Hair weaving is professionally done by an experienced hair stylist.

    1. [Answer written as Hair weaving meaning hair fixing and the difference in hair extensions.]

    Hair weaving is nothing but a hair replacement system which is one of the best and popular methods of hair loss treatment. Hair weaving is aimed for those who don’t have the hair on the crown region as well as looking for length of the hairs. Unlike this, hair extensions are solely aimed at the hair length only. Hair weaving takes proper measurement of the crown, where we need to fix the hair patch to men as well as women. Hair extensions are usually recommended to women who do have a good amount of volume on the crown area, and are looking for good length.

    Hair Weaving is a non surgical procedure to get over your baldness. It is one of the methods of hair loss treatment or solutions in which the hair replacement system is fixed onto your head, so that your bald look is completely changed to a full hair look. Hair weaving is nowadays very popular in the society as the percentage of baldness in society is increasing a lot. It is one of the simplest, painless and convenient procedures to avoid a bald look and gain your confidence back.
    Hair weaving includes a new hair replacement system and the cost to get it fixed on your head. The whole procedure’s cost depends on what quality of hair weaving you would like to go ahead with. The price range on an average starts from Rs.10,000/- and may extend to Rs.75,000/- or a lac of rupees. The cost is based on the quality of hairs, quality of base material, the knotting style of hairs, approximate natural look etc.

    Hair weaving in reality is somewhat different than hair fixing. Though the purpose of both the procedures is the same, which is nothing but to get rid of baldness and to look as natural as possible. The hair wave word itself tells us something about the weaving of the hair. Yes, the people who are bald, can choose the hair replacement system as a non surgical hair loss solution for the baldness.

    The difference between the hair weaving Vs hair fixing lies in the way both the procedures are executed. In hair weaving after getting the hair patch fixed on the bald area, surrounding hairs on the border are weaved into the patch. It is suited to people who have enough strength in their existing hair, otherwise there is always a fear of creating a no hairline surrounding the hair replacement system over a period of time.

    This is one of the most frequently asked questions by most of our probable clients. The short answer to this question is that ‘it depends?’! It depends on multiple things such as the quality of the hair used, type of base material, amount of customization, durability of hair systems etc. For example, you may not know, but even within Human Hair, there are plenty of different varieties from very cheap (eg Parlor Hair) to very expensive (Remy Temple Hair). There are some suppliers who mix animal fibers or synthetic fibres in the systems which again reduce the cost of hair replacement systems significantly. Apart from this, what clients fail to understand is that there are almost hundreds of different base materials to choose from which vary significantly in prices. There are plenty of base materials which look very similar but are very different in quality (in terms of weight, sweat evaporation, ventilation etc). The non surgical hair replacement cost in Pune will vary from somewhere around 10k to 1L. At Papillon Hair World, our Hair Replacement services start at around 20k and go upto around Rs. 1.2L depending on the type of base material, number of hair patches ordered, service package selected etc.

    We are among the very few Hair Replacement Providers in India who can offer ‘real customization’. A lot of clients feel that only customization possible in hair systems is in terms of size. Totally wrong! Papillon Hair World offers hair system customization such as low density hair systems, grey hair percentages, different tones of brown hair upto blonde shades, different textures such as straight, wavy, curly etc in our Hair Systems / Hair Patches and much more. You will find a lot of hair replacement centers in Pune and in India who merely say that they customize hair systems and in reality just provide you a stock system without customizing even the size of the base material.

    There are multiple ways in which you can fix the hair replacement systems / hair patches. In most of the fixing methods such as Clipping, Clip + Tape, Taping, Hair Weaving maintenance will only be required once in 45 to 60 days depending on your hair growth rate. All the basic things such as washing, fixing and removal, styling etc are taught to you by the Papillon Staff so that you can manage these on your own at your home. So only when your natural hair grows long enough to give you a messy look, you will require a hair replacement service session with us. There is another popular method of Hair Fixing which is known as Chemical Bonding of Hair Replacement systems. In this method, considering the humid climate and high amount of pollution in Indian cities, the Hair System / Hair Patch will stay fixed on your scalp for around 20 – 25 days. However, in this method you will not be able to do the removal / fixing at home and hence you will have to come back to us for the maintenance service sessions of the Hair Replacement System almost every three weeks. We, at Papillon Hair World look at the lifestyle of the client, grade of baldness and other parameters and preferences before suggesting the right method of fixing to all our Hair Replacement clients.

    This is probably the 2nd or 3rd most commonly asked question by our clients. This is perhaps the biggest fear in all the first time users of Hair Replacement Services. To answer this honestly, we will mention what our CEO, Mr. Aniket Koparkar says to all the clients – “Ultimately we are not magicians. So do not expect yourself or your very closed ones to not see any change in your look. We are doing this precisely because we want to change your look. However, with our level of skills, expertise and customization, the Papillon Hair Replacement systems will look perfectly natural to any third person looking at you. Even standing besides you in a function, or at a meeting table will not stare at you objectionably. This is certainly what we can achieve. However, the most needed ingredient for carrying a hair system / hair patch successfully is the client’s own confidence. That is only one thing which WE cannot give from our end!”

    We urge all our clients to visit our store to check the variety of options available in the Hair Replacement Systems and then place the order. Once the client is satisfied about the quality offered at Papillon and once the client decides to place an order, our senior stylist takes all the necessary details such as the Head Size, Hair Color, Choice of Style, Hair Density etc (depending on the product). Once the order is placed and the required details are taken by our stylist, it takes 15-21 working days on average for us to schedule an appointment for the fixing the Hair Replacement System. In case of high amount of customization, it might take more amount of time to get the customized systems designed from our factories.

    • Here are some key features of Papillon Hair Replacement system (HRS):
    • ~30 years’ experience in providing hair and skin services
    • 100% human hair that can be refreshed and restyled whenever needed
    • Completely customized solutions, specifically designed to enhance your natural look
    • Non-surgical and non-invasive treatment without any side-effects
    • Personalized Hair Replacement service sessions including maintenance, styling and training.

    Chronic hair loss leading to partial or total baldness affects a large part of the population in both men and women. In many cases baldness is not treatable even with intensive medical treatments, causing erosion of self-confidence in patients, preventing them from experiencing life completely. Most available treatments are not viable because of prohibitive cost and invasive, surgical nature of the therapy. Papillon has extensive experience in hair-styling and hair solutions that retain the natural hair style of the individual without any of the invasive treatments. Using the most extraordinary bonding techniques, Most natural looking Hair Replacement Systems and by aligning the hair systems with the natural hair, we increase the density of hair, restoring confidence and style and giving you an undetectable natural look. These solutions – “Non Surgical Hair Replacement”, also enable you to immediately resume regular lifestyle without much restriction – be it rigorous exercising, riding a bike or even swimming, without any of the painful side effects that other treatments bring along.

    Non-Surgical Hair Replacement (Hair Weaving / Hair Bonding) for men / women is a non-surgical and a customer friendly procedure in which only the bald portion of the client is covered with our hair replacement systems. It is best suitable for patients suffering from partial baldness or hair thinning, usually seen in and around the crown area. There are many ways in which these Hair Systems / Hair Patches are attached on the scalp of the client. Book an appointment to meet our experts and to discuss this in more detail in person.

    Our Services

    Hair Restoration Solutions:

    We provide Hair Fall Control, Dandruff Control, Grey Hair Control and a lot of other Hair Care and preventive Hair treatments. Our treatments are a combination of modern medicine and our own FDA approved hair products, thus giving unique and unparalleled results to our patients.

    Papillon Hair World’s (PHW) Hair Transplant is a surgical method in which individual Hair Follicles are moved from one part of the body to bald/balding patch on the scalp. This procedure is mainly suited for clients having early stage baldness or who wish to cover a relatively smaller area of hair thinning.

    This procedure at Papillon Hair World (PHW) is meant for Male and Female clients suffering from partial baldness due to genetic reasons or due to any other problems. Papillon Hair Replacement Systems are customized for thinning size, density, color, texture and choice of style to give the most undetectable look.

    Papillon Hair World (PHW) provides 100% Human Hair, Medical grade ladies wigs for Alopecia or Chemotherapy patients suffering from total baldness. We customize the wigs for head size, color, texture, length and style so that it looks extremely natural.

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    Maintenance Frequency in Hair Bonding.

    The hair bonding once styled and fixed with ultra hold bond / glue lasts for around 21 days. In the summer season, there are chances that you may have to come more frequently. We sweat a lot, in winters the bonding may also last for more than 25 to 28 days. The holding capacity of the bonding depends on your sweating. More sweating, the more frequent you have to come for servicing as sweat gradually decreases the holding strength. Maintenance regularly also makes sure an overall check of the hair system so that it should last long. It also takes care of the look you have decided.

    Alternative Ways of Fixing : Other than Hair Bonding

    Many people do prefer the bonding as the method of attachment of their hair replacement systems, few may feel and desire to remove it once in a week or in 3 / 4 days. In such cases we can suggest an alternative method of attachment which is Taping. The double tape is another method by which you can remove the hair replacement system on a weekly basis or once in 4 / 5 days. It is a simple, self dependent attachment method of hair bonding. So whichever methods suits you, you can continue using it.

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