Worried about Hair transplant cost?


The cost or the budget is one of the most important factors while selecting a hair loss treatment,  especially when it comes to cosmetic solutions such as Hair Transplant. 

If you are doing your research about the best hair transplant centers around you, I am sure you must be already tired of seeing plenty of advertisements mentioning the cost of hair transplant! Before you decide to visit the center mentioning the cheapest rate, you should be aware about the things based on which the cost of a hair transplant surgery gets decided:

No. of grafts:

Some transplant centers charge the price based on the number of Hair and some charge by the number of grafts [roots]. Some don’t even mention which of these is it! Charges taken per hair are less than the charges levied per grafts, because one graft may have 1/2/3 hair strands. So when someone says they charge Rs. 15 per hair and another center mentions that they charge Rs. 45 per graft, it actually means the same thing. Some doctors charge a lump sum amount whereas some centers quote a per hair/ per graft rate and then add taxes [GST], OT charges, etc. First thing to ask the surgeon / consultant is how many grafts are they going to be transplanted in your case? 

Area to be covered:

The number of grafts that you decide to shift will determine not only the cost of Hair Transplant for you, but also determine the area that you can cover with hair transplant. However, if some people want to have more density in a smaller area, eg. just the hair line, the surgical skills required for such a transplant is much more. Hence when a client is expecting more density in a less area, the cost of the transplant will go up as you will have to go with more experienced surgeons. 

Skills and experience of the Surgeon / Team:

A lot of people feel that if the procedure for Hair Transplant is the same all across the market, why does the cost of Hair Transplant vary so much? The experience and credentials of the surgeon influence the cost / charges in a big way. Since the most experienced surgeons are in demand because of their high quality results, they charge more than the inexperienced, new doctors or technicians. To get Best results out of hair transplant surgery, the surgeon must be qualified and experienced  enough to assure the forecasting of results. 

Place of Hair Transplant and other Risk measures:

In an ideal Hair Transplant surgery, all standardized protocols for pre and post surgery must be followed, such as Blood tests, complete health history, past history, family history, history of ongoing medication, known allergies etc. These all are important for smooth and hassle free procedures. 

The surgery must be done in a fully functional operation theatre and not in just a cabin of any procedure room. This assures that the patient is not put into any risk and also takes care of any emergencies in case they might arise. To save on the cost of hair transplant, a lot of centers do not take these precautions or do not hire a proper operation theatre and put the patient’s life at risk. 

Have realistic expectations: 

Most people willing to go ahead with the hair transplant want excellent results in a minimum budget. This expectation looks good on paper but is difficult to digest to anybody’s common sense. As hair transplant is not just growing hair on bald areas. It is an artistic arrangement of hair roots so that post full hair growth one can actually gain back the look he is willing to have. It is just like farming. For example, one can plant 10 trees in a 100 square meter area and the same man can plant 50-60 trees in a 100 square meter area. The density is a question in these two examples. Similarly, to get more dense packing of hair transplant, the number of hair required is definitely more and ultimately it would affect the overall cost of the Hair Transplant surgery. 

Do not rush into choosing a hair transplant center purely based on some ongoing offers! Moreover do not just aim to go to the cheapest hair transplant center as often cheapest will come with the most amount of risk. Try to find out all the above mentioned details and go for the center which you feel is the most trustworthy in terms of experience and skills.